Schedule a Meeting From Highfive

In addition to using our G Suite add-on and Outlook add-in, you can also schedule a Highfive meeting in advance from the Highfive interface directly.

  1. Open Highfive by going to
  2. On the application's home screen, click Create meeting.
  3. Your default meeting link will be displayed. You can customize the name of your meeting by editing the end of the link. Example: "friday-meeting"
  4. Set the date and time of your meeting by clicking on the date and time fields. You can also change the time zone by clicking on the currently selected time zone. 
    Optional: If you have the Highfive Room Connector feature enabled and want to add a SIP link for your guests to dial, click Add SIP room invite. Your guests can dial the SIP link with their own room system to join your meeting. 
  5. Click Schedule this meeting.
  6. An ICS calendar event will be created and downloaded or your default calendaring application to will open. You must save or send out the event from your calendaring application, otherwise, it will not be added to your calendar.

Note for Highfive Add-on for Google Calendar users: If your invite includes guests, or if you modify your event to add guests, be sure to remove the meeting links Google may automatically add.

Other ways to schedule meetings

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