Release 2.18 (February 21-24)

Another two weeks, another batch of improvements to quality and reliability. This release has some doozies. With version 2.18, we upgraded our custom build of WebRTC to one of the latest releases from Google on the desktop and Android apps (iOS already had it). We are also bringing you the full power of Dolby Voice in the iOS app with this release. As with our 1.x version, you don’t have to do anything special to get these benefits; they are all built in to our apps.

With version 2.18, you’ll see new versions of the software for the mobile apps, the desktop app, and the web app. The Highfive Device is still waiting on final verification and this article will be updated when it is rolled out. We hope you’ll enjoy the fruits of our hard work, and as always please let our support team know how we can help with anything.


  • Introduced some server-side improvements that should marginally speed up app responsiveness, especially when the service is under heavy load.


  • Fixed a number of additional crashes that can interrupt Highfive calls. Based on our testing, we now believe that crashes of the Highfive device in 2.x are less frequent than on 1.x.
  • Fixed occasional flashes of a black screen on the Highfive device when rendering video.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause devices without the Dolby Conference Phone to suddenly lose audio in the middle of a meeting. Previously this condition required a reboot of the device.
  • When the Highfive device loses its connectivity with the Dolby Conference Phone, it now gracefully drops out rather than staying in the meeting with no audio.
  • Fixed a rare case of Highfive device being left in a meeting with no audio and video due to network connection issues.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause video from the Highfive device to not show up to others in the meeting under certain timing conditions.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during a Highfive meeting on devices paired with Dolby Conference Phones.


  • Upgraded the audio system to use the full potential of Dolby Voice in all meetings.
  • Removed the guest photo step when entering a call as an unauthenticated user.
  • When joining a meeting from the app by typing in the name, show the view that allows the user to switch to a dial-in number instead (the same one shown when entering a meeting by tapping a link).
  • Fixed a bug where users would sometimes be incorrectly muted when a Highfive device joins the meeting.
  • Fixed several application crashes that can occur when starting a Highfive meeting.
  • Removed the security warning shown when using Google to login.
  • Automatic reconnection to a disconnected meeting now restores the mute state and device selection you were using when disconnected, as it was in 1.x.
  • Fix bug leaving the last seen frame of a video visible when nobody else is sending video or you turn off your own video.
  • Fixed a bug where the video would sometimes be anchored to the top of the screen instead of vertically centered.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Highfive app not to open properly when tapping meeting links in the Slack app.


  • Upgraded the underlying implementation of WebRTC to version m54, which improves media performance and reliability.
  • Updated to automatically drop from the meeting when the audio and video connection is broken.
  • Fixed a bug to display “Nobody else is sending video right now” instead of a blank meeting view.

Desktop and Web

  • Upgraded the underlying implementation of WebRTC to version m54, which improves media performance and reliability.
  • Restored the text notifications that are shown when other participants join and leave the meeting. They now work the same as in Highfive 1.x.
  • Reduce frequent flickering of the “thumbnail” video of the active speaker shown in the upper right corner when screen sharing video is being displayed in a multi-way meeting.
  • Added a link to copy the meting URL and set a timezone on the new create meeting screen.
  • When inviting new users from the admin dashboard, allow email addresses for other domains you belong to besides the same one as your email address.
  • Display an error page if the app attempts an autoreconnect while there is no internet connection, instead of a blank screen.

As always, you can sit back and relax while we do all the work of updating for you. Highfive desktop apps and devices will automatically update over the next 24 hours, while updates to our mobile apps will be available in their respective app stores.

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