G Suite: Push the Highfive For Google Calendar Extension To All Chrome Users

In August 2020, Highfive released the new Highfive for Google Calendar add-on for G Suite. This new add-on provides the functionality that was previously available with the Highfive Chrome Extension for Google Calendar. Additionally, the Highfive for Google Calendar add-on makes it easier than ever to add well-formatted video conferencing links to your invitations, including scheduling Highfive meetings from mobile devices.

G Suite Administrators can enable the new add-on by following the instructions in the second section of our How to Install the Highfive Add-on for G Suite article. The following instructions will be removed when the legacy extension is retired.

Instructions for the Legacy extension.

  1. Navigate to your Google Admin console
    1. Sign into your Admin console: https://support.google.com/a/answer/182076?hl=en 
  2. Select Device Management
  3. Under DEVICE SETTINGS, select Chrome management
  4. Select User settings.
  5. Look under Apps and Extensions > Force-installed Apps and Extensions
  6. Click on Manage force-installed apps.
  7. Select Chrome Web Store.
  8. Search for Highfive for Google Calendar.
  9. Once the Highfive for Google Calendar extension appears, click the Add option next to it.
  10. Save your settings.

Highfive! Your Chrome users will now have the Highfive for Google Calendar extension when they log into their G Suite accounts. 

Next Step: Learn how to use the Highfive for Google Calendar extension.

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