Dolby: Dial-out

The Dial-out feature is available on select Highfive service plans. Click here to learn more.

How to dial-out:

  1. On your Dolby Conference Phone, enter in the phone number you wish to dial and press the green Dial button. To dial out internationally, you need to press and hold down the 0 button to input the + character. Then, input the country code followed by the phone number. (e.g. +00 20 0000 0000) 

    Note: If you do not see the dial pad after adding the Dial-in feature to your account and you have already waited one business day for your upgrade to process, restart your Highfive camera to have this change take effect. This can be completed from the Highfive Admin dashboard or by quickly tapping and releasing the Reset button behind the camera once.
    If you notice the dialed phone number format is incorrect, go to the Devices page under your Highfive Admin dashboard and make sure the system is set to the proper country. This is done automatically through the network in most cases, but may require manual adjustment in some configurations.
  2. This will also initiate a Highfive video call on your TV, which will be associated with a meeting link. You can...
    • Do nothing: This will keep the meeting a simple audio-only call.
    • Invite other participants to join: If you provide participants with the meeting link on the TV screen, they can join your call from their computer or mobile device. 
  3. If desired, you can open the keypad again by tapping on the the button below. To go back, tap on the back arrow.
  4. To hang up, simply tap the red Disconnect button. 

If you are experiencing issues dialing out to someone, please contact Highfive Support at


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