Release 2.31 (Sep 15)

The Highfive Engineering Team has been hard at work to bring you bug fixes and reliability improvements. With version 2.31, you’ll see new versions of the software for the Highfive device, the mobile apps, the desktop app, and the web app.


  • A new version of Dolby Voice improves the responsiveness of active speaker switching, and improves general audio quality in some situations, particularly dial-in, by reducing clipping and saturation.
  • Fixed a bug that would occasionally prevent all audio from a dial-in caller from being heard by other meeting participants. This was already hot-fixed in 2.29.
  • Removed avatar photos from meeting video recordings.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented clicking on calendar events after clicking on one without a Highfive meeting link.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented desktop app users from authorizing Slack on their accounts in the in-meeting invitation panel.
  • For users installing the desktop app from Safari the first time, reworked the installation process to work around a limitation in Safari that prevented the required trust dialog for the plug-in from appearing. This was already hot-fixed in 2.29.
  • After leaving a Highfive meeting in the Chrome browser, fixed a bug that continued to keep recording using the microphone. This would be apparent from the recording status icon in the Chrome address bar.
  • Added support for macOS 10.13. This was already hot-fixed in 2.29.
  • In the video preview shown before entering a meeting, changed the video to be horizontally mirrored as in the self-view.
  • Fixed code-signing of one of the installed binaries on Windows.


  • Fixed unexpected disconnects for users on IPv6 networks, most prominently including T-Mobile mobile network users.
  • Highfive now uses a Smart Banner in Safari to prompt for installation of the app. This also resolves an error being shown in Safari on devices without the app installed.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented iPod touch users from being able to download the Highfive app.


  • All-day calendar events will no longer show up in the in-app calendar.
  • Fixed handoff from Chrome to the Highfive app in Android 8.0. This was already hot-fixed in 2.29.

As always, you can sit back and relax while we do all the work of updating for you. Highfive desktop apps will automatically update over the next 24 hours, while updates to our mobile apps will be available in their respective app stores. 

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