Group Chat Feature Overview

You can send messages and reactions to all participants in your meeting using Highfive's Group Chat feature.


How It Works

  1. Start or join a Highfive video call. 
  2. Click on the Group Chat button in the bottom-righthand side of the Highfive window.
  3. A chat box will appear.
  4. Type in your message and hit Enter on your keyboard to send.
  5. You can also use reactions within the Group Chat box, as well. Reactions are animated and visible by other participants without opening the Group Chat box. These are great for showing appreciation for something that just happened in a meeting, or for taking a quick poll of opinions!
    We have preset reactions available, but you can also select from your own emoji library by using these shortcuts:
    • Windows: Windows key + . to open the emoji keyboard (requires Windows 10 Fall Creators Update)
    • macOS: Control + Command + Space to open Character Viewer
    • Mobile Devices: Open your emoji keyboard.
  6. Got a new unread message? You'll be notified by a quick popup in the Highfive window and the Group Chat icon will update itself. 
  7. You can see who sent you a message by hovering over their message or reaction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Q: Is the Group Chat feature free?

Yes! This feature is included in all Highfive service plans.

Q: When does the chat history get deleted?

The history gets permanently deleted 1 minute after the last participant leaves the meeting.  

Q: Is the Group Chat feature available on the mobile Android and iOS versions of Highfive? 

Yes! The Group Chat icon will be on the top-righthand side of your screen while you're in a call. Tap on it to open the Group Chat window. 

Q: Will Highfive call recordings show the Group Chat box?

No, Highfive call recordings will not display the Group Chat box.

Q: What is the character limit per message?

4000 characters.

Q: Can I send images using Group Chat?

Not at the moment. The Group Chat feature can only send text messages and emojis.

Q: Can I save or export my chat conversation? 

Saving and/or exporting Highfive Group Chat conversations is not a feature at the moment.

Q: Can I directly message a specific individual instead of everyone on the call? 

No, all participants can see chat messages. Direct messaging is not currently a Highfive feature. 

Q: Can I use the Group Chat feature to send files and documents to others?

The Group Chat feature does not support file transfer.

Known Issues

  • Reaction animations will currently not appear during Meeting Recording playback.
  • Reaction animations will currently not render on mobile devices or Highfive in-room hardware.
  • Reaction animations will only show when sending one emoji.

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