How To Start A Highfive Video Call

This article will show you how you can start your own Highfive video calls. To learn how to join a call instead, click here


What you'll need:

  • The Highfive application: You can download and install our application here.
  • A Highfive account: You can create and log into your account by opening the Highfive application. Click here to learn more.


To start a Highfive video call:

  1. Open the Highfive application by going to this link in your web browser:


  2. Click Create meeting for now or later.


  3. Change the name of your call by editing the displayed Highfive meeting link. For example, you can use "team meeting". If you do not make any changes, we'll default to using your username as the call name.


  4. Select the Start meeting now option.


  5. Click the Start meeting now button.


  6. Highfive! You are now in the call you have started. From here, you can invite other users to join by using the Invite People menu. Click here to learn more about the Highfive application interface.



Next Step: Schedule a Highfive video call



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