Invite Someone To Join A Highfive Video Call

Invite before the conference (scheduling a call in advance)

The most common way to invite someone to a Highfive conference is via a calendar invite. See "Schedule A Highfive Meeting" for details on how this works.


Share the conference link

To invite someone to join you in a conference, simply share the conference link with them (e.g. 


Invite from within the conference UI

When you are in a conference, you may invite others to join you by clicking on the Plus icon at the top of your window (+). A flyout panel will give you the option of entering in an email address.



When you click on Send Invite, Highfive will send a conference invitation to the designated address, and all the recipient has to do is click on the invite to join the conference.

Alternatively, if you click on the copy invite link, Highfive will copy the link to the Clipboard, and you can paste this into an email, IM, social post, etc. 

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