Contacting Support: How to Get Help

How to reach us

If you need assistance, you can contact the Highfive Support Team using one of the methods below.

  • Email: Send an email to
  • Chat: Click the “Get Help” button within any page of the Highfive application. 
  • Website: Fill out our Contact Us Form. 
  • Phone: Call us at +1 (844) 464-4445 (press 2 for Support). 

Business Hours

Highfive Support is open during the following times (all times in Pacific), excluding Highfive Observed Holidays:

  • Sunday - 11pm - Midnight
  • Monday - Midnight - 5pm
  • Tuesday - Midnight - 5pm
  • Wednesday - Midnight - 5pm
  • Thursday - Midnight - 5pm
  • Friday - Midnight - 5pm
  • Saturday - Closed 

Help us help you! 

Highfive Support team members want to resolve your issues efficiently. It's easier to do so if you provide key details about your experience when contacting our Support team. Below are some general types of information that would be greatly appreciated:

What were you trying to do and what happened instead of what you expected.

Example: I’m trying to launch the Highfive application, but nothing happens when I double-click on it.

Call details, such as user name, call name, call date/time.

Example: This issue occurred to me during our call named "team-meeting" today.

Did you see any error messages or notifications? (Bonus points for screenshots!)

Example: "My Highfive device is displaying an error saying it can't get an IP address, and to check my router configuration."

What device were you using when you ran into this problem?

Example: Macbook Pro, Windows PC, Samsung Note 8, etc.

What is the impact of the issue?

Example: This issue only affects members of our Finance team.

Highfive response times (SLA)

The Highfive Support team will strive to respond to your request as soon as possible during our hours of operation. We recognize that meetings are time-sensitive and we appreciate your patience.

Email: Our team will respond within 2 business hours.

Chat: Our team will respond within a few minutes during business hours.

Website: Our team will respond within 2 business hours.

Phone: Any available Support team member will help you immediately during business hours.

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