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 Highfive screensharing allows you to present a specific application window or your entire desktop. This is great for Powerpoint presentations, code review, or when it’s easier to show someone what you’re working on instead of trying to describe it to them.


This feature is not available on iOS yet.


What you'll need:

  • The Highfive application 
  • Participants to share your screen to
  • Highfive device (optional)



Share your screen during a video call


  1. Click the Share screen button.


  2. Highfive desktop app users:
    1. Select the screen or window you wish to share.
      1. Entire screen - If you use multiple monitors, you will be able to select the screen to share.
      2. Pick a window - Select a specific application window to share.


  3. Chrome in-browser users:
    1. Select the desired sharing option at the top of the pop-up menu:
      • Your Entire Screen
      • Application Window
      • Chrome Tab
    2. Directly underneath, select the screen or monitor you wish to share. You MUST make a selection, otherwise you will not be able to proceed.
    3. Click Share.

    4. To stop sharing and go back into video mode, click Stop sharing.




Start a new screensharing session on a TV


  1. Open Highfive by going to the URL displayed on your Highfive-equipped TV screen. 
  2. Click on the Share screen on a nearby TV option on the right side of the screen.


  3. A list of the Highfive-equipped TVs in your office will appear on the next screen. If you don’t see the one you wish to connect with, you can manually search for it by typing the device name out.


  4. Click on the name of the device that matches the one you see on the TV.
  5. Choose the content you want to share.


  6. Highfive! You are now wirelessly presenting your computer screen to your TV.


Note: If you select a Highfive device that’s currently in use, you will see the following notification.



Join & Share Screen: Click this if you would like to join the same call the Highfive device is on. When you join, you will automatically be presenting your screen with the current participants that are on the call.


Take Over with My Screen: Click this if you would like to end the screen sharing session the Highfive device is currently on and start your own new session. Selecting this option will disconnect the screen sharing session for the current user of the Highfive device.





Q: I'm sharing a video, but the audio from the video only plays out of my laptop speakers?

A: This is currently expected behavior. The audio from any shared video will play through the device it is being shared from. Highfive will be looking into adding a feature that allows remote devices and participants to hear audio from shared videos. Please stay tuned for updates!


Q: Why do I see black bars to the left and right of my screen-sharing feed?

A: Highfive supports 16:9 widescreen video and screen-sharing feeds when sharing from the Highfive desktop application or with the Google Chrome in-browser app. When sharing from a device with a 16:10 display, like a MacBook, black bars will appear to the left and right of the shared content due to the difference in aspect ratios. These black bars create an optimal screen sharing experience by maintaining the original aspect ratio, which eliminates stretching and distortion.


Q: How come I see some Highfive devices pop up automatically, but for others I need to type their names out to connect?

A: If your mobile device or Mac is Bluetooth-equipped, device lists will automatically populate with the names of devices that are nearby. For all other personal devices, or the Highfive device you wish to connect to is too far away for Bluetooth detection, you will can manually type out the device’s name to search for it. Note: For the convenience of Windows computer users, we will provide a full list of devices that are registered under your domain if your company owns less than 10 Highfive devices.


Q: Can others control my desktop while I’m sharing my screen?

A: Highfive screen sharing is broadcast-only. Remote users are unable to control your desktop and you cannot control theirs. 


Q: Can I choose what video feeds I see from others while they are presenting?

A: Not at this time; however, the video feed you see on the upper-righthand corner of the app will show the current speaker, which switches automatically based on who we detect is talking.


Q: How do I take over a screen sharing presentation?

A: Click Share screen in the Highfive app at any point during a call to begin your own presentation. Once you are done presenting, you can click Stop sharing.



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