Admin Support - Seeing user tickets submitted directly to Highfive

Some customers prefer to have their users go through their own internal Help Desk to get support. That flow may look similar to this:

  • User submits help desk ticket to IT
  • Help Desk routed ticket to Highfive expert internally, who takes ownership
  • If Highfive expert needs assistance, he/she escalates to Highfive Success team

Every user though has access to the Got Feedback button in the Highfive UI. When they submit feedback using this mechanism, it goes directly to the Highfive Success team, and we create a ticket in our Help Desk system, and respond to the user.

Since we know that our Highfive champions within the customer will want to have a complete sense of how much support is needed, and how many issues are being encountered, we can partner with your team to provide insight into any tickets submitted directly to Highfive.

  1. View tickets: You can ask your Success Manager to allow specific users to view all tickets submitted for your organization. When this is done, you can check on a daily basis to see not only tickets that you've submitted to Highfive, but those submitted by your users.

  2. Get copied: You can ask your Success Manager to ensure that specific admin accounts are copied on all support communications with your end-users.
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