Schedule a Highfive Meeting

You can schedule a Highfive meeting with the calendaring application you currently use, or within Highfive itself.

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Scheduling FAQ:

Q: How do I schedule a recurring meeting?

Schedule a Highfive meeting by following the steps provided at the top of this article and set the event as repeating/recurring in your calendaring application. If you already have a recurring meeting on your calendar all you need to do is insert a Highfive meeting link into the event's description or location.

Q: Can I schedule a meeting through the Highfive application?

Yes! Click here to learn how.

Q: Is there a permanent phone number I can use for my meeting? (For customers all plans, with exception to the Essentials Plan.)

Highfive does not support static or permanent meeting dial-in phone numbers at this time. We simply suggest sending out a Highfive meeting link to participants to ensure they are able to join without any issues. Participants joining on mobile devices will have the option to dial-in after tapping on a Highfive meeting link.

Q: Can I schedule a meeting with someone outside of my company?

Yes! Anyone can join your Highfive meeting as a guest user, provided they have the Highfive meeting link and meet our technical requirements.

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