Highfive device gets hot

In certain environments, the Highfive conference room device can become quite warm during normal operation. You might observe that the device...

  • Is exhibiting intermittent failures (capturing or rendering audio/video, network connectivity, etc.)
  • Failing to boot when reset

If any or of these issues are occurring with your Highfive device, your device may be operating hotter than is recommended.

To attempt to reduce a device's operating temperature, try the following:

  1. Wall mount it: Use the bracket accessory was included in your Highfive device's box to mount the device in a secure position away from hot objects like the TV it is connected to, heaters, windows, next to computers, etc.
  2. Position it on a console: Rather than placing the device directly atop a TV, consider placing it below the TV on a media console or shelf.
  3. Keep the room cool: Adjust the climate control in the room so that the ambient temperature is around 72F
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