My Highfive Device Gets Hot

It is normal for the Highfive device to get warm during normal operation. The silver arms on the Highfive device help to dissipate heat. 

However, in certain environments, the Highfive device can overheat. If any or of these issues are occurring with your Highfive device, your device may be operating hotter than is recommended:

  • Exhibits intermittent failures (capturing or rendering audio/video, network connectivity, etc.)
  • Fails to boot up when reset


To attempt to reduce a device's operating temperature, try the following:

  1. Wall mount it: Use the bracket accessory was included in your Highfive device's box to mount the device in a secure position away from hot objects like the TV it is connected to, heaters, windows, next to computers, etc.
  2. Position it on a console: Rather than placing the device directly atop a TV, consider placing it below the TV on a media console or shelf.
  3. Keep the room cool: Adjust the climate control in the room so that the ambient temperature is around 72F



If you have any questions or concerns about the operating temperature of your Highfive device, please feel free to contact Highfive Support at (844)464-4445 or email through the hours of 7am-5pm Pacific Time.

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