Set Up Your Highfive Device



Setting up Highfive is simple and usually takes less than 5 minutes!


Prior to plugging-in the device, make sure you've optimized the conference room for Highfive to avoid any technical hiccups.


Check out the video above or take a look at the simple steps below.




  1. Plug the ethernet, HDMI, and power into the Highfive device
  2. Mount the Highfive device on top of the TV or in a recommended position
  3. Turn the TV on and switch to the correct HDMI input
  4. Set the TV volume to a good level for the audio calibration portion of the boot process


The install process is successful if the TV displays the Highfive setup screen. There will be some instances where a new version of the device's software needs to be updated prior to a successful boot.




  1. Create a Highfive account if you haven't already
  2. Go to on your browser
  3. Enter the device code displayed on the TV
  4. Select a name for the Highfive device
  5. Click Finish setup


The setup process is successful if the TV displays the Highfive home screen including your company's Highfive URL and the device's name displayed at the bottom.


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