Set Up Your Highfive Device

This article applies to customers setting up a Select or Plus bundle, which includes the Highfive camera (Select) and Dolby conference phone (Plus). For instructions setting up a Premium bundle, click here.


What you'll need

  • 1x TV (1080p)
  • 1x power outlet
  • 1x ethernet port for the Highfive camera
  • 1x HDMI connection to a TV
  • 1x ethernet port for a Dolby conference phone (Plus bundle)


  1. Turn the TV on.
  2. Set the TV volume to a comfortable level. This will be used for the device's audio calibration, which will happen during the setup process.
  3. Connect the following behind your Highfive camera:
    • Power - Use the provided AC adaptor to connect your Highfive camera to a power outlet.
    • Ethernet - Use the provided ethernet cable to connect your Highfive camera to the network.
    • HDMI - Use the provided HDMI cable to connect your Highfive camera directly to a TV.
  4. Switch your TV to the HDMI input that your Highfive camera is connected to.
  5. Mount the Highfive camera on top of the TV using the device's built-in hinge or use the supplied wall mount.
    • Note: If you are setting up a Select bundle, make sure the Highfive camera is not positioned too closely to your TV speakers or audio echoing will be heard by your remote participants. We find that mounting the camera on top of the TV works in most rooms.
  6. When you see instructions prompting you to go to on the TV, installation is complete.


  1. Create or log into your Highfive account
  2. Follow the instructions you see on the TV screen and go to in your browser.
  3. Enter the setup code displayed on the TV.
  4. Enter in the name you wish to assign to your Highfive device. As a best practice, this is generally the same name as the conference room.
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete setting up your Highfive camera.
  6. Highfive! You're all done and your Highfive camera is ready to use. 
    • Note: If you have a Dolby conference phone to set up, plug it in now. Detailed setup instructions for this device can be found here.

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