"We couldn't find your camera"

You will see this error message when we are unable to detect any video input device.

You can check for the following and reach out to your trusted IT team or desktop administrator for assistance if you cannot resolve the problem easily:

  • For Google Chrome users, make sure Highfive camera permissions are not blocked. You can look for this under your Chrome Settings > Advanced > Content.
  • Make sure the correct camera is selected in Highfive by clicking on the gear icon in the bottom-lefthand corner of the Highfive window while on a call.
  • Check for any available camera driver updates on your computer.
  • If available, see if any other applications or services also have trouble using your camera. Example: You can run the WebRTC system test found here (https://test.webrtc.org/), macOS users have the Photo Booth application, etc.
  • Verify that no anti-virus settings are preventing Highfive from accessing your camera.

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