"Your speaker and mic are currently inactive" notification in Highfive



You will see this message in Highfive if the following conditions are met:

  1. You are logged into your Highfive account.
  2. You are joining a Highfive video call that includes a Highfive device as one of the participants. 



This feature prevents audio echoing, which is a common issue that occurs when multiple people join the same video call who are in close proximity to each other. This tends to happen when participants gather in the same conference room to take turns presenting their screens to the TV, for example. By automatically muting your speakers and microphone, this eliminates the chances of your device causing audio echoing. Guest users are usually joining remotely, so they will not see this popup.


What to do: 

Turn on - This will enable your speakers and microphone. People will be able to hear you and you will be able to hear them through your device. 

Keep off - This will keep you speakers and microphone disabled. People will not be able to hear you and you will not be able to hear them through your device. 

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