My Highfive device is forcing an update when I start a call or turn on the device

We like to think our Highfive devices are incredibly smart, but sometimes when they're doing "smart" things, it may seem confusing.

If your device is forcing an update when it turns on or when you try to start a video call, this is happening because we've detected that your Highfive device is on an outdated version and needs to update to the most recent. We do this because we want to make sure that you get the awesome experience of new features and general product improvements.

Important Note: While the Highfive device is performing the update do not unplug the device or try and access the camera for use as this will interrupt the download and you will be presented with an error.

If you have any questions, need more support, or would like to give us feedback, feel free to reach out by clicking "Get Help" in the Highfive UI or contact us at!

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