Host an educational Highfive screen share session

Purpose: Get your team to understand how to use Highfive's screen share feature. 

Who to invite: Invitees regularly host/attend meetings or conference calls. They can be colleagues in IT, early technology adopters, or anyone interested in using video conferencing to make collaboration face-to-face.

Steps to host your educational screen share meeting 

  1. Book a room that is equipped with a Highfive device
  2. Send out an invitation to the group with a Highfive link, a brief explanation of Highfive, and a link to download the Highfive app in advance. Here's an example you can use.
  3. During the meeting, have all attendees click the link to enter the Highfive meeting.
  4. Move the meeting to the Highfive device (click Move to TV and begin typing the name of the device found in the lower left corner of the TV screen). Have other attendees within the conference room do the same. 
  5. Have each member take turns sharing their screen and stop sharing their screen with the Share Screen button.  Notice how the video feed in the corner switches to whoever is speaking.
  6. Bonus: While someone is actively sharing their screen, have another attendee chose the share screen option. Observe how attendee #2 takes over the screen. 

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