Who Can Join A Highfive Meeting?

Anyone can join a Highfive meeting, whether it's a coworker at your company or a guest that you’re inviting. All someone needs to successfully join a Highfive meeting are:

  • A Highfive meeting link.
    • This follows the format: CompanyDomain.highfive.com/meeting-name and can be sent in an event invitation, email, text message, etc.
    • If you are setting up a meeting, follow these Highfive meeting scheduling steps to send participants an invitation using your calendar. 
  • Make sure the device and internet connection that will be used to join meets our technical requirements.


Guest Users

If you've been invited to a meeting that uses Highfive and your company has not purchased a Highfive device, you can join the meeting as a Guest. You do not need to sign in or create a Highfive account to join a Highfive meeting.

All you need to do is click on the meeting link that will be provided to you by the meeting's organizer, either by email or as a part of a calendar event invitation. 

If you are a Google Chrome version 60+ user, a new browser tab will open and you will be taken to the meeting. For all other web browser users, you will be prompted to download and install the Highfive application before joining the call. 


If you are experiencing issues joining a meeting, please contact Highfive Support at help@highfive.com or (844) 464-4445 through the hours of 7am-5pm Pacific Time on weekdays.



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