Create Or Log Into Your Highfive Account


Whether you’re trying to create or log into your Highfive account, you’ll be following the same steps.


  1. Go to:
  2. If prompted to, download and install the Highfive application. 

  1. Once Highfive opens,enter in your work email address in the provided text field.
  2. Click Continue.


Google Apps For Work users: If Highfive detects that your email address is connected to a Google account, you can choose to sign in with Google. For Google Apps users that do not want their Highfive account to be associated with Google, click "Sign in with work email address", instead. If you sign in with Google, your web browser will ask you to Allow Highfive access. Once you accept, Highfive will automatically open and then you’ll be signed in and ready to use Highfive.

  1. You will be sent an email with the subject line “Sign into Highfive” that contains a link that will allow you to securely sign into Highfive.

  2. Click on the Sign in button within the email.

If you already have a Highfive account and are trying to log in, Highfive will automatically launch and you will be ready to use Highfive. If you are creating a new Highfive account, continue on to the next step.

  1. Complete your Highfive account profile.


  1. Highfive! You've created your account successfully. You will be signed in for one year, unless you proactively log out.  


Note: To further personalize your Highfive experience and be more easily identified in meetings, you can access your Account settings to take/upload a profile photo by clicking on the circular silhouette icon on the upper right. Highfive admins can also access their Highfive Dashboard from here.




Next step: Start your first Highfive video call or Present your screen wirelessly.


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