Highfive Device Updates

Once you receive your Highfive device and begin the setup process, you might notice the device will display a message that it is applying an update. This is normal! Future updates will happen overnight when we release them, typically every 2 to 4 weeks.

Highfive Device updates are...

  • Automatic: You do not need to manually update the Highfive device. 
  • Performed Over-The-Air (OTA): If your Highfive device is receiving power, connected to the internet and able to reach Highfive servers, then it will receive updates automatically when we release them.

Curious about the version of firmware your Highfive device is on? You can check under the Devices tab on your Highfive Domain Dashboard.

To stay up to date with our releases, you can subscribe to our Release Notes email. We'll give you a heads up on what to expect as part of the release, as well as any other major service changes.

For assistance with your Highfive device, please contact Highfive Support at help@highfive.com.


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