Highfive Device Updates

Once you receive your Highfive device and begin the setup process, you might notice the device will display a message that it is applying updates. This is not uncommon as the Highfive devices will regularly receive updates to get the units on the latest version of our software.

After the initial update is performed, future updates will happen overnight. This typically occurs once every two weeks.

You can view the current version of firmware your Highfive device by looking under "Devices" within your Domain Dashboard.

To stay up to date with our product releases, you can subscribe to our Release Notes. We'll inform you about one week prior to the next software update release with everything that will be included in the push. 

Note: Anytime your TV indicates that your Highfive device performing an update, it's very important that you do not interrupt this process or it will start over again. Do not unplug the device from any of it's connections or click "Move to TV" within your Highfive application and attempt to connect to your Highfive device.

For assistance with your Highfive device, please contact Highfive Support at help@highfive.com or (844) 464-4445 through the hours of 7am-5pm Pacific Time on weekdays.

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