Release 1.22 (6/30/2015)

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Highfive Version 1.22 was released on Tuesday, June 30th. 

The most exciting feature in 1.22 is the addition of simulcast to the Highfive device. This allows the Highfive device to transmit high-quality video to people with high bandwidth and optimized video to people with lower bandwidth while on the same call. With simulcast, if someone is making a Highfive call over a limited bandwidth connection, they’ll receive the best video quality available for their bandwidth, while someone in a location with plenty of bandwidth will see our highest quality video.

Additional fixes include:


  • Enabled support for Windows 10 and Mac OS X El Capitan (v10.11)
  • Users of Microsoft's new browser, Spartan, will receive a message letting them know it's not a supported browser as the browser does not currently support the necessary plugin

Highfive  Device

  • Fewer stutters, pauses and pulsing in any call involving Highfive devices
  • Fix a rare issue where the Highfive device would stop transmitting video and self-view would show green, corrupted images
  • During set up, we've smaller-ized the list of timezone options from 520 to 69, making it easier to set your timezone
  • The Highfive device will process over the air updates better should server or network issues occur

Desktop App

  • Removed "I'm just visiting" button from the login page if you open the native app directly
  • Unauthenticated users are now shown an option to start a Video Call in addition to "Choose TV"
  • Fixed an issue where the waiting room participant count was not clearing when leaving the meeting
  • Fixed an issue where users were erroneously receiving a 'There appears to be an issue with your network' error message
  • Improved the desktop app updating process to keep your current call information


  • Fixed an issue with inconsistent avatars appearing on iOS devices
  • Added support for 64-bit iOS devices

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