Install The Highfive Desktop Application

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To use Highfive on your Mac or Windows computer, you must first download and then install the Highfive application.

Download The Highfive Desktop Application

  1. In your web browser, go to

Note: If you're using Google Chrome, you will be prompted to download the Highfive Installer Extension from the Chrome Webstore first (see example below).

  1. Follow the prompts on your screen to download the Highfive application.  

Install The Highfive Desktop Application

  1. When the download is finished, open the Highfive file that appears in the Downloads bar at the bottom of your browser window:

To continue on Windows:

    1. Open the downloaded Highfive Setup.exe file.
    2. If you receive an alert about opening the file, click Open or Run.


To continue on Mac:

    1. Open the downloaded Highfive Installer.dmg file.
    2. Click Open when alerted that the installer is “an application downloaded from the internet”.


  1. Run the Highfive Installer to begin the installation process.

  2. Highfive! Once installation is complete and successful, you will have the option to open the Highfive app.

Note: You may see a prompt from your web browser that asks you if you would like to “allow” or “trust” the use of Highfive. Clicking on Allow or Trust and remembering this setting will make it easier for you to use Highfive in the future.


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