Start using Highfive for your meetings

Now that you've been inspired to use Highfive for daily work, let's get you started using it for your own meetings.

In our experience, starting small and simple is the best path to your first awesome Highfive experiences, which we like to call your First Visible Wins (FVW). We suggest selecting 3-5 meetings, "winning", then tackling your next set. But hey, if you're ready to go all-in, don't let us stop you!

Select Your First Highfive Meetings

The first thing you want to do is figure out which meetings you want to start using Highfive with. Here's a quick and easy hack we love to use to help people get started:

  1. Open your calendar and take a look at your daily meetings.
  2. Pinpoint meetings you own that fall into the following categories:
    1. Intra-Team: Meetings with members from your own team.
    2. Inter-Team: Meetings with members from a different team.
    3. External: Meetings with folks outside your organization.
  3. Note meetings that include any or all of the following:
    • Remote participants.
    • Sharing/Presenting screens.
      Pro Tip: Note the "low-hanging fruits" or meetings that already have existing dial-in information i.e. WebEx/GoToMeeting and meetings that involve intra-room presentations.
  4. Prioritize your first 3-5 meetings based on:
    • Reach - the meeting involves a good number of participants.
    • Frequency - the meeting occurs often.
    • Ease - the meeting can easily be used with Highfive.

Get Your First Meetings Highfive-Ready

Now that you've selected your first 3-5 meetings, the next step is to get them ready for Highfive. Essentially this means is converting your existing calendar event into a Highfive event.

  1. Open the calendar event for each meeting.
  2. Replace the existing meeting link/dial-in with a new Highfive meeting link.
    • Standard format:<event-title>
    • Example:
      Pro Tip: If you're a Google for Work user, use the Google Calendar plug-in to make this step super easy
  3. Change the existing conference room location to a Highfive-enabled conference room for all locations (if applicable).
  4. Save the event and send out an update to the meeting participants.

Pro Tip: Here's an email template you can use that will both inform them what Highfive is all about and how to install the App and get started.

Start Winning, Rinse, & Repeat

Once you've selected and prepared your Highfive meetings, there's only one more thing to do: use it :)

A few best practices to consider:

  • Do a quick "dress rehearsal" to smooth out any kinks prior to the actual meeting
  • Make sure remote participants are both aware and trained on Highfive
  • Get the meeting participants' feedback about the overall experience so you can iterate and improve
  • Encourage them to use Highfive for their own meetings! (see Step 5)

Once you've achieved success with your first 3-5 meetings, start using Highfive for your next set of meetings until Highfive becomes a part of your daily work. It's that simple!

Now that you've started using Highfive for your own meetings, you'll want to get your entire team onboard. Highfive is all about working better together, so why not let your own team experience the value and awesomeness that Highfive brings to your daily work.

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