Drive Highfive awareness and excitement

As you begin getting more teams using Highfive for everyday work, we also recommend driving awareness and excitement about Highfive across the organization. In our experience, this really helps move the needle when it comes to growing adoption and engagement and getting your entire organization on board faster!

We've outlined 2 key areas to help accomplish this:

Spread the Good Word!

Teams won't use Highfive if they don't know it's an option. Getting all teams across your organization on board with Highfive starts with driving general awareness. This not only includes what Highfive is all about but why it's a valuable tool for daily work. Successfully getting teams to adopt Highfive is all about answering the tried-and-true question, "What's in it for me?".

Here are some examples of ways to spread the good word:

If you're rolling out Highfive across your organization, we recommend collaborating with an Internal Comms contact who can help plan and shape a good communications strategy leveraging existing procedures.

Below are some additional communication templates you can use and repurpose to spread the good word:

Lastly, since we are a video conferencing company, here's a quick and fun product overview video you can share that explains what we're all about!

Highfive Product Overview

Host Fun Adoption Events!

Sometimes talking about it isn't enough. Doing fun Highfive-related activities has the awesome effect of getting people even more excited to try out something new. Not only that, it'll help build momentum and maintain engagement as your organization begins adopting it in their everyday work.

Here are some fun adoption events that the Customer Success team has done:

Highfive Launch Event

Highfive Genius Bar

Some other ideas to consider:

  • Highfive Week
  • Highfive contests

We also recommend connecting with a member of our Customer Success team to help you with planning, preparing, and executing any adoption activities you might be interested in doing.

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