Join A Call As A Guest User

If your company owns Highfive devices, every employee under your domain will be able to jump right into any conference calls that you or your colleagues schedule without needing any special permissions.

If you are a first-time or external Highfive user (interviewee, business partner, client, or work for a company that does not own Highfive devices), you will also be able to join Highfive meetings, but as a Guest user. For security, Guest users will need to be manually allowed into the call by someone else who is already in the meeting when they join.


Guest User Experience 

  1. New or Guest users can click on any Highfive meeting link or invitation to join a call.

  2. A new web browser tab will open. You now have the option to enter in your name and join the meeting using video or to get the phone number to dial-in. A phone number will not appear if the company hosting the meeting is on Highfive's Essential service plan. 

  3. If you decide to join using video and have never used Highfive on that computer before, you’ll need to follow the prompts to get the Highfive desktop application first.
  4. Once installation is complete, click Open the Highfive App.

  5. You will be placed into a Waiting Room. Someone who is already in the meeting will need to let you in.

  6. If you chose to dial-in by phone earlier, you can use the phone number that is displayed to call into the meeting (audio-only). No pin code is required!

  7. After you end your video call, you will have the option to sign in/create your own Highfive account. This option is available to Highfive customers only.



Q: Do Guest users have different levels of permission from Highfive users with accounts?

A: Yes. Guest users are unable to start video calls or join any meetings without being approved first. However, once a Guest user joins a meeting, they will have all the same permissions and access to features as a registered Highfive user.


Q: I am a registered Highfive user. Can I remove Guest users from my call?

A: No. Once approved to join, Highfive assumes that you trust this user and expected them to be a part of your meeting. Guests must leave voluntarily by clicking “Leave call”.


Q: My guest left the call, but was able to rejoin without permission. Is this normal?

A: Yes. The Highfive app is designed to allow Guest users to rejoin meetings without needing your approval, as long as they click on the same meeting link. This feature will last as long as the call stays open and there is at least one other person already in the meeting.

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