Antivirus & Security: Installing Highfive

Because Highfive is an application downloaded from the internet, it is possible that a security or threat alert may be triggered by programs that protect your computer.

Most computers won't have issues with the installation and use of Highfive. However, if you are having issues downloading or installing Highfive, find your antivirus or security program in the list below for steps to fix the issue. (Let us know if you don't see yours!)

Note: If you have any questions regarding the security of your computer, please contact your network administrator or desktop support for further guidance.

Common antivirus/security programs and platforms

  1. McAfee
  2. Norton 
  3. Webroot
  4. ZScaler


McAfee users who are running Windows 7 and 8.1 should not run into any issues using the Highfive application.

To resolve the problem, reach out to your network administrator or desktop support for assistance as there may have been specific rules or policies set in your company that are blocking the download/installation of the Highfive application.


Norton users may see this error when downloading the Highfive application: Firewall Alert. Suspicious network activity has been detected. Applying default options in 59 sec. 

To resolve the problem, select "Always allow" and rejoin the call.


Webroot users may encounter the following error when downloading Highfive: An infrequently seen program is attempting to run. This could be a threat. Block this event if you are unfamiliar with this file. This is followed by a "Threat Detected" message when attempting to take actions within Highfive.

To resolve the problem, select "Always allow" when this pop up appears.


ZScaler is a cloud security platform that can be implemented at a company level. Depending on the policies set by the network administrator or desktop support, users may receive the following error when trying to download the Highfive application: We found a security thread. This website was blocked due to malware or company policy. 

To resolve the problem, contact your network administrator or desktop support so they can add an Allow rule for the following URL in ZScaler:

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