Launch Highfive Across the Organization

Ready to get started with Highfive? Here are some ways to spread the word and get your users to start signing up.

First you'll want to give people a heads-up that Highfive is coming. Next, you might consider an event, like a Lunch & Learn, to give people a chance to ask questions. Finally, you'll need resources, like table tents, to outfit your office and remind people how to connect using Highfive.

Here are a few helpful ideas and resources:

  1. Highfive intro email template.
    • Introduce your employees to Highfive with this email, which includes a link to register for Highfive.
  2. Invite your teams via your domain dashboard.
    • Go to your company's Highfive Domain Dashboard.
    • Click the "Invite Users +" button in the upper left corner.
    • Enter the email address of the user you would like to invite and click "send invites".
  3. Post a message in an internal group via email or chat with a link to this how-to guide and encourage them to register an account.
  4. Host a Highfive Lunch & Learn and offer to help people register for accounts.
    1. Send an email to the company inviting them to the event. Consider having a device or two and capable laptops ready for demoing.
    2. Do it in a conference room where you plan to have Highfive set up. (Be sure to book it beforehand!)
  5. Print table tents and signs and put them in your Highfive-enabled rooms to let people know that they can use Highfive for video conferencing and screen sharing.
  6. Find even more ideas and resources for adopting Highfive in your organization here!

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