Release 1.24 (8/04/2015)

Note: Product update release notes are posted about a week ahead of the release to alert you to tentative updates and bug fixes for that release. Currently, release notes are sent to a main contact at each company that uses Highfive. If you'd like to subscribe to our release notes, click here.

Highfive Version 1.24 was release on Tuesday, August 4th. 

This update had some small fixes to improve day-to-day usability of Highfive.

  • Updated the reply-to address on meeting invites so they will now be set as the person who sent the invite, allowing recipients to reply directly to them

  • Fixed the Highfive photo booth so it will now display correctly on the new 12” MacBook

  • Improved the performance of the domain dashboard when it is populated with many users or devices

  • Fixed a case where the Highfive app would incorrectly go into audio-only mode

  • Fixed a rare issue that occasionally caused videos on the Highfive device to appear briefly corrupted

  • Fixed an issue where the Highfive app would show a blank, gray screen when joining a call where someone was screensharing a static image

  • Minor improvements for our iOS app

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