Get Inspired on How to Use Highfive for Daily Work

Now that you're up and running with Highfive and have a basic understanding of how it works, it's time to use it for real work scenarios!

How will you start using Highfive? What meetings are ideal? Where will it make the most impact? Whether you already have 100 ideas or 0, here are a few suggestions to inspire you and get the juices flowing.

Team Meetings


  • Weekly Marketing Meetings
  • Engineering Stand-Ups
  • Project Team Syncs



  • 1:1 with direct reports
  • 1:1 with customers, vendors, partners
  • 1:1 with project team members

Intra-Room Presentations


  • Design Review
  • Sales Pipeline Review
  • Project Presentations

Now that you have a few ideas down, it's time to start using Highfive for your meetings!

Check out the Connected catalog below for even more suggestions on how Highfive can be used in daily work.

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