Engage Other Teams with Highfive

Now that your team is using Highfive for everyday work, the last step in your Highfive Journey is to get more teams across the organization up and running!

As in the previous step, using a balanced top-down and bottom-up approach is an effective way to get more teams across the organization.

We've outlined some best practices below to help you find the best approach:

Drive More Inter-Team Meetings

Similar to the previous step, an easy grass-roots approach to getting other teams onboard is to continue exposing Highfive simply through meetings you already have with them. As you start selecting more meetings to use Highfive for, start putting more weight towards those with members from other teams. During those meetings, be an advocate of going face-to-face and help them get set up for one of their next meetings.

Recruit Team Captains

Now that you've planted the Highfive seeds across different teams, we recommend recruiting a Team Captain to help grow adoption. We see a Team Captain as someone who not sees the value of Highfive, but can also drive their team to start using it for everyday work. This doesn't necessarily mean the Senior Vice President (though that'd be ideal for greater impact) but it does mean someone who can influence others to try out something new.

Show & Tell

Similar to the previous step, exposing Highfive to entire teams at once is an effective top-down approach. Work with your Team Captain to discuss the best approach to accomplish this, whether it's hosting a kick-off during their next team meeting or working with individual team members to get them onboarded.

As you're engaging with various teams, it's important to point out the different ways Highfive can be used across that team that'll both make an impact and solve particular business challenges along with the value you've gained in using it for your own daily work.

Drive Teams to Step 4, Rinse & Repeat

Now that you've gained interest from various teams on using Highfive for their daily work, the last thing you want to do is essentially what you and your team have already done in the previous step! Work with each Team Captain on getting them through Step 4 so they can start using Highfive for all their meetings. You'll hopefully notice that as you rinse and repeat this process, Highfive begins to grow virally simply through a network effect. All you needed to do was plant a few Highfive seeds and the rest took care of itself :)

As you and your Team Captains continue growing adoption team by team, you'll also want to start driving awareness and excitement about Highfive across the entire organization.

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