Get ready for your Highfive journey

Excited about where the Highfive Journey might take you? Awesome! Now it's time to get ready to embark.

Any journey you take requires a destination and a map or plan of how to get there. In our experience, there's no one perfect path and you’ll likely have to take a few detours to get there. So to that end, make sure that you set very clear goals (the destination) and then lay out a clear strategy on how to achieve those goals. At the very least, it'll help you avoid any aimless wandering as you move along :)

To get the most out your Highfive journey, we suggest focusing on 3 main areas: technology, people, and change


  • Which locations and conference rooms will Highfive be in?
  • Who will be your Technical Champions?
  • Is your technology environment ready for Highfive?


  • Which team(s) will use Highfive first?
  • What other teams will use Highfive next?
  • Who will be your Team Captains?
  • How will these teams potentially use Highfive for daily work?


  • How will you communicate and drive awareness about Highfive?
  • How will you enable and support Highfive across teams?
  • Who will be your Change Champion?

The questions in each checklist will hopefully help you understand and prepare for what the Highfive journey entails. We also suggest connecting with a member from the Customer Success team for any follow-up questions or deep-dives into each area.

Now that you're "packed up and ready to go" so to speak, it's time for Step 2: Get Highfive Up & Running.

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