Changing The Camera Angle On Your Highfive Device

This documentation applies to the following Highfive room types:

  • Select
  • Plus

There are 2 different camera angles you can choose from with the Highfive camera:

  • Normal - 80° field of view (default)
  • Wide - 120° field of view

Changing the camera angle for a Highfive device will help set a suitable viewing area according to your needs. For example, in the comparison below, you can use the Wide setting to capture more of the room and the Normal setting to focus on the boardroom table. Based on the research we've done with various customers, we've found that the Normal setting suits most conference rooms well.

Changing from Normal to Wide Angle

You can change your camera angle from your Dashboard, even while the Highfive device is being used:

  1. Visit your company’s domain dashboard.
  2. Under Devices, click the device name.
    • Pop-up box will appear.
  3. Click Camera Angle dropdown menu.
  4. Click Camera Angle: Wide.
    • Remote participants and the self-view window on your TV will see this update immediately.

Note: Video calls will now be set to this camera angle unless the setting is updated again. This setting does not impact the camera angle on any of your personal devices, such as your laptop or mobile phone. It only affects the selected Highfive device.

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