Integrating Highfive with Slack



The Slack integration allows you to:

  • Invite Slack channels and users to a meeting while in Highfive.
  • Drop a Highfive video call invitation into a Slack channel or DM with a user without leaving Slack.


Looking for steps on how to use the Slack integration instead? Click here!




  • Access to your Highfive Domain Dashboard (Not sure what this is? Click here to learn more.)
  • Access to your company's Slack account page



Set up the Slack Integration 



  1. Head to your company's Highfive Domain Dashboard
  2. Select Integrations from the menu on the left.

  3. Under the list of services, click on the gear icon at the end of the Slack row.

  4. Under Setup Instructions, click the Expand button.

  5. Follow the displayed instructions.
    • Note: This will include going into Slack's Integrations page, which will require that you have administrative permissions in Slack. 
  6. When you're done, you should have 2 items:
    • Webhook URL
    • Slack Command URL
  7. Once you've entered the both the required Webhook URL and the Slash Command URL into the Highfive Domain Dashboard, click the Save button.

  8. Highfive! You're done and your users are now ready to start using the Slack integration. 


Important: You only need to set up the Slack integration once. This makes the feature available to everyone under your company's domain. Once you're done, your users will need to allow their own individual Slack accounts to communicate with Highfive by following these steps: Using the Slack Integration



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