Integrating Highfive with Slack

This article will help you integrate Highfive and Slack, allowing you to invite channels, groups, and users to your Highfive call while a) in our app, or b) to drop an invite into a Slack channel without leaving Slack.

Your team's Highfive administrator should set up the integration from your team's domain dashboard (this only needs to be done once). If you're not an administrator, you can head straight here to set up Slack invites from a Highfive call.



In order to integrate Highfive with Slack so you can send and receive invites to calls using your favorite chat client, watch the quick video or follow the step-by-step instructions below:


Step 1: Head to your Domain Dashboard at [YourCompanyDomain]

Step 2: Select Integrations from the menu on the left, under Devices

Step 3: Click on the gear icon on the Slack row

Step 4: Select Expand in the Setup Instructions bubble

Step 5: Follow the list of instructions that appear

Step 6: Once you've entered the Webhook URL and have generated and pasted the Slash Command URL on Slacks page, hit the orange Save button


Now that you have the integration setup, it's time to use it!

Inviting people to a call from Slack 

Now that you have Slack integrated with Highfive, you can use a simple "slash command" to create a Highfive URL!

Step 1: Open Slack and enter a group channel or direct chat

Step 2: type "/highfive" followed by the name of the call you intend to create

Step 3: Hit enter to place a link in the chat!

Inviting from Slack when in-call

Step 1: When you're in a Highfive call, select the "+" circle at the top to open the invite panel. Choose Click to authorize Slack

Step 2: Type in your company's Slack domain on the next screen where it says teamdomain

Step 3: Click through the sign-in process

The final step before you can use the integration is to hit the Authorize button after signing in

Now you'll have the option of inviting your coworkers to your Highfive call via Slack!


Step 4: Simply open the invite panel while in a call, start typing the name of a person or group in Slack to send it off!

Your invites will show up in Slack like the example below:



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