Using External Speakers With The Highfive Device

If you wish to learn more about the Dolby audio device in Highfive's product offering, check out this Dolby device FAQ: Click Here

The Highfive device ships to you, by default, sending audio out through the included HDMI cable. This is then output through your TV speakers. 

For rooms or situations where you'd like to use external speakers instead, you can configure your Highfive device to use the audio-out (auxiliary) port. This will stop audio from outputting through HDMI (your TV) and will play out audio from your connected external speakers. 

How to configure your device for external audio

  1. Stop any currently running calls on the Highfive device.
  2. Plug your external speakers into the Highfive device's audio-out port.
    • This is located behind the Highfive device. It takes a standard 3.5mm connection. 
  3. Set your speakers up:
    • If your speakers require power, make sure they are receiving it and that they are on.
    • Set the volume to your desired level. We typically find 20-30% to be a good starting point which can be fine-tuned later on.  
  4. Navigate to your Highfive Domain Dashboard
  5. Go to Devices.
  6. Click the name of the device you wish to update.
  7. Click Additional Settings.
  8. Choose the Speakers: TV drop down field and select Speakers: External.
  9. Click Save
    • If this is the first time your Highfive device is changing it's audio configuration, the unit will restart and force an audio recalibration using the new speakers. If you skipped Step 1 and the device is in use, the calibration will take place after the meeting has ended.
  10. Highfive! Your device is now configured to output audio through your external speakers.
    • Reverting? To change back to HDMI audio, simply follow Steps 4-8 again and select Speakers: TV.

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