Using External Speakers With The Highfive Device

This article will help you set up and use the audio-out port on the Highfive device, if you'd like to use it.


The Highfive device ships, by default, to send audio out through the included HDMI cable. For rooms or situations where you'd like to use external speakers, you can configure a given device to send audio through the audio-out port instead of HDMI. The Highfive devices have an auxiliary port on the back.

As a note, this option must be changed on a device by device basis. Additionally, a device can only be set to one option at a given time. I.e. it can't send audio through both ports at the same time. To make the switch, follow these instructions: 

  1. Make sure the device has external speakers already plugged in, powered on, and the volume at a normal level
  2. Open your domain dashboard by visiting
  3. Go to Devices
  4. Click the name of the device you wish to update 
  5. Click Update Settings.
  6. Choose TV Audio drop down and change to External Speakers
  7. The unit will now restart and force a recalibration of the new speakers. If the device is currently in use, it will calibrate after the current call has completed.

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