How to get the most use out of your Highfive devices

Occasionally you may find that one of your Highfive devices isn't getting the attention that you anticipated. Here are a couple of things to consider to maximize device usage:

Device optimization: It's possible that your colleagues aren't using the device because of technical issues. If it has been awhile since you used that particular unit, take this opportunity to have a test call. It's possible that a change in TV settings or device placement can compromise call quality.

Placement: What do your colleagues use this particular conference room for? Perhaps meetings in that room are primarily in-person. Do your colleagues know about Highfive's in-room screen presentation feature? If not, this is a great opportunity to educate them about this feature. 

Location: We find that secondary offices tend to use Highfive the most. If you have a lonely Highfive device at your HQ, and multiple offices, try setting it up in one of your other locations. 


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