[Use Case] Engineering - Remote Server Updates

Objective: Coordinate night & weekend releases from anywhere
Sample URL: go.highfive.com/versionnumber

Category: Intra-team meeting


Weekend trips to the office are never fun. But since release teams need to coordinate face-to-face to update servers, those weekend trips happen often. Most of the time those updates are scheduled but sometimes the unexpected happens.


Instead of coming into the office, Highfive’s Back-End Services Team uses Highfive to meet when ever they need to.


  • Certain tasks have to be done outside of regularly scheduled office hours. Highfive allows teams to execute detailed tasks without having to interrupt their Saturday morning.
  • Often times, back-end teams have to be on standby to make sure a release goes well. Highfive allows the team to be present and available independent of their geographic location.
  • Celebrating the joy of a successful release is always more fun face-to-face.


  1. Our back-end services team established the ideal windows of time to push server updates. They typically happen Tuesday nights at 11:00 pm PST, or sometimes over the weekend.
  2. We created a release calendar and each scheduled event has an associated Highfive link: go.highfive.com/versionnumber
  3. Just prior to a release, the team meets on Highfive and coordinates the updates.  

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