[Use Case] Engineering - Demo Day

Objective: Showcase your creations 
Sample URL: go.highfive.com/demo-day
Category: Inter-team meeting


With crazy schedules and remote employees, finding a time for everyone to be in the office at once is nearly impossible. But as we continue to grow, Demo Day is more important than ever to keep our team connected. This means we need a quick and easy way for everyone to join in no matter where they are.


Our CTO created Demo Day for Design and Engineering to showcase new product features. Every Thursday, anyone at HQ gathers in our large conference room while remote employees Highfive in. This way everyone can see what each person is demoing as they share their screen and present what they’ve built. 


  • Presenters are able to easily swap who is screen sharing for each demo without having to exchange any pesky cables or wires.
  • Remote employees are able to participate and see all the cool things being built, independent of device or location.
  • All teams feel much more connected as well as engaged because they can still observe everything face-to-face.


  1. Once our CTO got everyone on board with the Demo Day concept, he sent a recurring calendar invite with a Highfive meeting link: go.highfive.com/demo-day
  2. The meeting link always remains the same so that on Thursdays, Demo Day participants and remote employees can quickly and easily join.
  3. Using the Highfive device, each participant takes turns sharing their screen and explaining the impact they imagine their new feature will have. 


Want to share with your team? Download the PDF below!

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