How does 3-Up video work in Highfive?

3-Up video reveals more of a conversation by showing up to 3 other participants, depending on the devices they're using to call into the meeting. 

3-Up Video allows you to see more than one video feed at a time, up to a total of 3 people besides yourself. This means that for calls with 4 people or fewer, each person will be able to see all other participants at the same time. Highfive will automatically manage the aspect ratio of each caller depending on what device they're using to join the call. For calls that have more than 4 users, Highfive will show the two most recent speakers, as well as the current speaker. As people talk, they will take up a position on the screen. Here's an example of a call with 4 users. You'll see the 3 other participants at the top, and your own self view in the bottom left. 

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