Configuring Single Sign On with Okta

Highfive Admin users on supported plans can set up Single Sign On (SSO) with Okta. For general information about SSO, please refer to this main article

To configure SSO with Okta, you'll need to be logged into your Highfive Admin Dashboard in Highfive, as well as your Okta dashboard. 

Step 1: Add the Highfive application in Okta

Search for Highfive and then click the Add button.


On the next General Settings page, fill out the 3 required text fields: Application label, Subdomain, and Audience Restriction. When done, click Next.


On the Assign to People page, you can select which user(s) you want to allow Highfive access to. When done, click Next


Lastly, click Done to save your changes.


Step 2: Access your SAML information in Okta

On the next page, after clicking finish in the previous steps, or in the Sign On section of the app you have created in Okta, click View Setup Instructions.

This will open a new window that has the information you'll need to provide to Highfive in the next step. 

Step 3: Provide Highfive with your SAML information

After accessing the new window in the previous step, open the authentication tab of your Highfive Admin Dashboard. In these fields, paste the information from that new window. Some of the names might be slightly different, so here's what you're looking for:

Name in Highfive  Name in Okta
SAML Provider URL Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL
SAML Provider Issuer Identity Provider Issuer
SAML Provider X.509 Certificate X.509 Certificate

Step 4: Test the configuration 

Note: Before testing, you'll need to assign yourself to the Highfive application in Okta in the Assign to People section. 

Make sure all of the information has been provided correctly by clicking Test Configuration. If everything is correct, you'll get this success message:  

Step 5: Click apply configuration

This is important, nothing will be saved if you don't click Apply Configuration

And that's it! From now on, when your users go to login to Highfive, they'll be redirected to an Okta sign in flow. They'll login with their Okta credentials, and then be redirected back to the app. 

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