[Use Case] Engineering - User Research

Objective: Conduct meaningful remote user research
Sample URL: go.highfive.com/customer-delight-workshop

Category: External team meeting


At Highfive, our main goal is creating a product our users love and will want to use everyday. After release, our engineers needed a quick way to gauge the reactions of Highfive users to see if the experience we designed was as delightful as we hoped.


Instead of gathering feedback over the phone or email, we wanted to measure our customers’ true reactions when using our product. So our Engineering Team joined our Customer Success and chose 3-5 users who recently purchased Highfive. We were able to remotely observe these users unbox, install and conduct their very first Highfive in-room call. This gave their feedback the authenticity we needed to create a better product.


  • Engineers were able to see users’ first reactions to the features they developed.
  • Since we could do this remotely, we quickly gathered more data to identify the processes that caused friction and immediately found solutions to create delight.
  • The entire company started working cross-functionally and we exhibited a stronger sense of empathy towards our users.


  1. Success and sales worked together to introduce 3-5 newly minted customers each week for four weeks to the engineering team.
  2. We scheduled one-hour “delight workshops” with each customer – 30 minutes were reserved for observation and the remaining time was reserved for discussion.
  3. The cross-functional team took notes identifying where the Highfive process created delight and/or where it created friction. 

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