How to Setup a Custom Domain for Highfive

Custom domains will allow Highfive customers on select service plans to use their own domain as part of their Highfive link.

For example, users can visit instead of

Setting up a custom domain will also surface your URL in our product in place of the typical Highfive domain in the device idle screen and the in-call invitation panel. 

Contact your Highfive Account Manager for more information. 

To start the custom domain process, contact our Support team by emailing and provide the following information:

  • Your desired custom domain for Highfive meetings.
    • It must be a subdomain or top-level domain:, or, or
    • It cannot be a subpage in a domain:
  • An encrypted SSL certificate bundle and PGP public key for the customized domain.
    • Please use GPG to encrypt the zip file with the .key and .pem inside.

You will be notified once the backend configuration is complete on Highfive's end, and can  complete the process on your end by updating your DNS record. This can be done with a CNAME record change, with your custom domain pointing to your original Highfive domain. 

Ready to get started? Contact the Support team at!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my Custom Domain need to match my email domain? 

No, they do not need to match. 

Do you support wildcard or multiple-domain certificates? 

No, we support only single-domain certificates at this time.

Are there any kind of restrictions on which domains we can set up? 

There are no limitations; however, you must be able to prove ownership of the domain by providing an SSL certificate. We highly recommend making your custom domain easy to remember and understand.

Will my previously existing Highfive domain/call URL still work? 

Yes: The old and new URLs will both connect you to your Highfive meetings, and pre-existing calendar invites will still work.

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