How To Join Highfive Meetings Using A Phone


Highfive customers on select service plans, as well as external (Guest) users they meet with, have the ability to join Highfive video calls from their phones by using Highfive's Dial-in or Call Me features. 


Learn how to...

  1. Use the Dial-in feature to join a meeting from your phone
  2. Use the Call Me feature to call yourself (or others!) to join a meeting



How To Get A Dial-In Number


From a calendar invitation (Computer and Mobile Devices)

  1. Open the calendar event, either from your own calendar or via email.


  2. Click on the phone link in the event's description field.


  3. A new web browser tab will open. Click Get a dial-in number instead.


  4. A phone number will be generated and you can use it with any phone to join your meeting. 


  5. Mobile phone users can tap on the phone number to automatically load it into the phone's dialer. From there, simply tap the Dial button in your phone app to join your meeting. (No need to copy/paste or look back-and-forth between the invite and phone app!)


While on a Highfive video call (Computer)

  1. If you've already joined a meeting, click on the + button at the top of the Highfive app window to open the Invite panel.
  2. Select Get dial-in number.


  3. You can use this phone number to call into your meeting using any phone. 




How To Call Yourself (or others!)

  1. Open the calendar event from your computer or mobile device.


  2. Click on the phone link in the event's description field.


  3. A new web browser tab will open. Use the drop down menu on the left to select the country you will be calling. Enter in the phone number you wish to dial.
  4. Click Call me to dial the desired phone number.


  5. See the following screen? Highfive will dial your number once a person who is already in the meeting admits you into the call.


  6. If you see this screen instead, the number you entered will be dialed immediately. To hang up, click End call.


    Note: Currently, this feature only allows direct dialing to phone numbers. There is no dial pad to allow additional in-call actions, such as inputting extensions or navigating through phone menus.



FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are the numbers toll free?

A: Highfive dial-in numbers are not toll free. Highfive will not charge you if you decide to dial-in, but your mobile or telephone service provider may. If you have any concerns regarding this, please contact your service provider to check for any talk-time limitations on your service plan.


Q: Do you support international dial-in phone numbers?

A: Yes! We currently provide local dial-in numbers for customers located in:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong, China
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • South Korea
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Thailand

If you do not see your country listed here, you will see a US-based phone number when obtaining the dial-in phone number. We suggest using the Call Me feature to make an outgoing call to yourself or your participant instead.  


Q: Can I send the dial-in number to someone in advance?

A: Yes, but the phone number will remain valid for only a limited amount of time to keep your meetings secure. To ensure a current and valid dial-in phone number is always used, send participants a Highfive video or phone meeting link instead. 

Context: If you get a phone number from Highfive wile you're on a call, the number will be valid for 90 minutes. The number generated on mobile devices is valid for 90 minutes for Guest users as well. If an authenticated user generates a number through the phone link from an invitation on their mobile device or computer, the number will be valid for only 90 seconds, as users joining via this method will not be put in a waiting room. 


Q: Can I dial-out to others using Highfive?

A: Yes! See "How to dial-out to add participant" section above. 


Q: I have the dial-out feature on my Dolby device. Can I use it to dial-in to a Highfive video call?

A: Not at this time. If you wish to take advantage of the enhanced audio from your Dolby device in your Highfive meeting, simply join the meeting from your personal device and then move your call up to the TV (Highfive device) in your conference room.


Q: What happens if I get a Highfive dial-in phone number while I'm located in an unsupported country?

A: If you are dialing in from an unsupported country, Highfive will provide a United States phone number, by default. This may cause you to incur international call minute charges (check with your service provider for limitations first before dialing in).


Q: How many people can dial-in to a Highfive call?

A: A total of 50 participants can join a Highfive call (including dial-in).


Q: Will my avatar show when I join via dial-in?

A: If you join from a mobile device on which you are logged into the Highfive app, your avatar will show. Guest users, or users who are not signed into their Highfive accounts, will not have a photo as their avatar.


Q: What devices are supported?

A: On Android, iOS, and Windows mobile phones, we currently offer the full dial-in experience and phone numbers will automatically load into your dialer once tapped on. For all users on other mobile operating systems or conference phones, sending them a calendar event invitation or Highfive meeting link will allow them to obtain the dial-in phone number from their mobile/computer web browser, which they can manually enter into their phone's dialer pad.


Q: I'm using Apple Continuity to tether my tablet to my phone. Can I use it to dial-in?

A: Yes! Note: Untethered tablets will be presented with a phone number but the call will not complete.



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