Release 1.33 (1/19/15)

Note: Product update release notes are posted about a week ahead of the release to alert you to tentative updates and bug fixes for that release. Currently, release notes are sent to a main contact at each company that uses Highfive. If you'd like to subscribe to our release notes, click here.

We've got a New Year's present for you in the form of our next product update. This update was released on Tuesday, 1/19/15 and provides some new features for those customers in Early Access and general product improvements for all customers. Early access is our program that allows customers interested in our Premium tier of service to get new features ahead of the official launch in Q1 of next year. If you're interested, contact your sales rep today. Highlights include the following:

  • Significantly improved the Highfive experience by fixing the pop noise users would sometimes hear when Highfive switches between active talkers
  • Resolved an issue where white noise could be heard from certain clients
  • Early Access: Customers who use Okta for Single Sign On will be able to integrate the service with Highfive

You can expect no more than an hour of downtime starting at 9pm PDT on January 19th. Highfive desktop apps and devices will automatically update over the following 24 hours, while updates to our mobile apps will be available in their respective app stores. 

Highfive Premium Early Access

  • Changed the Dial-in screen on iOS to show a user options, as opposed to a timer
  • Fixed an issue with uploading custom background images from Safari
  • Fixed an issue where a portion of the device set-up process was exposed to non-admin users
  • Customers who use Okta for Single Sign on will be able to integrate Okta with Highfive. Visit this page to get it set up today. 

General Improvements:

  • Fixed a pop noise that users would sometimes here during active speakers switches
  • Resolved an issue where white noise could be heard from certain clients

Highfive Desktop Apps

  • Extending our in app help option to all customers
  • Fixed a UI issue with our Get Help option
  • Fixed an issue where the reload button wouldn't work if the app crashed

Highfive Device

  • Updated the device setup process to be more informative


  • Do you find yourself getting in your own way? You can now move your self view to any corner. Try it out today!
  • Greatly enhanced the guest experience on an iPad
  • Improved call stability in certain situations
  • Addressed an issue with camera controls on an iPad
  • Highfive no longer supports iOS7
  • Clicking a link to join a different call while in a call will end the current call and take you to the recently clicked one.
  • Fixed an issue where launching the Highfive app would place you into your most recent call
  • Increased call stability when frequently backgrounding the app
  • Fixed an issue where, despite being logged in, you might still see the guest screen
  • Added landscape view for the iPhone 5, 5C, and 5S

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