nw.exe blocked by Anti Virus

As of January 8th, Vipre Anti Virus made a change to it's list of potential threats that blocks the use of nw.exe (a file critical to Highfive).  If you are using Vipre or have experienced an error about nw.exe being blocked (or not found), it is recommended that you follow these steps:


1) Open Virpe from the Windows dock (lower right hand corner of the screen).

2) From the main Vipre page, select the Manage tab across the top.

3) Select Manage Items.

4) In the Quarantine section select the dropdown menu under the Action column.

5) Select Always Allow and then Perform Actions.

6) Wait 60 seconds, and you should be able to launch the Highfive application without issue.


NOTE: At step (5) you may be prompted for the Highfive file path...  it is C:\\Users\{user name}\AppData\Local\Highfive

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