Highfive Call Controls and Features


This article will give you a quick overview of the Highfive service and features once you’re on a video call.




A. Call Controls

  • Mute Me: Toggle your outbound audio feed on and off.
  • Disable Camera: Toggle your outbound camera feed on and off.
  • Share Screen: Toggle the screen sharing feature on and off. Click here for details.
  • Record Meeting: Start recording your call. Click here for details.
  • Group Chat: Toggle the Group Chat box. Click here for details.
  • Move to TV: Connect with one of your Highfive devices and move the meeting to your TV.
  • Leave Meeting: End call on your computer or continue call on your TV (if you’re using a Highfive device).


B. Participants List

  • Participants List: See a list of all participants in your meeting.
  • Meeting Moderation: Click here to learn about the Town Hall feature, which allows you to moderate larger meetings.
  • Remote Mute: Participants in a call can mute the microphones of other participants. For privacy reasons, participants cannot remotely unmute others.
    • Town_Hall_Remote_Mute.png
  • Pinning: You can "pin" the video of a specific participant who has their camera enabled, even if they are not speaking. Pinning affects only your own view of the meeting. You can pin an individual user or a room device. To pin, right click on the participant's name in the list and select "Pin video". 
    • mceclip1.png
    • IMPORTANT: Pinning is currently being rolled out to customers in phases. If you want access to the feature with the next possible phase, please email pm@highfive.com with your request.

C. Invite People


  • Inviting by email: Enter user’s email address and click Send Invite. They will receive an email with a Join Video Meeting button to click on.
  • Inviting by URL: Click on the meeting link displayed to copy it. You can paste the link into a chat message, calendar event description, email, etc. Your recipient can join the meeting by clicking on the link.
  • No Meeting Code Dial-in: Highfive customers on select service plans can click on the dial-in phone number to copy and paste the number in a chat message, email, etc. You can also use your mobile phone and text this number to participants.


D. Settings & Self-view Window

  • Settings: Clicking on your self-view window allows you to manually choose between different camera, microphone, and speakers connected to your computer. By default, Highfive will automatically select your system's default devices.



E. Get Help

  • Get Help: Contact our Support team for assistance (technical troubleshooting, reporting any issues, answering Highfive questions).


Keyboard Shortcuts


Full Screen (macOS): Cmd + Ctrl + F 

Full Screen (Windows): F11 

In-call keyboard shortcuts: ?



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