Highfive Call Controls and Features


A. Call Controls

  • Mute Me: Toggle your microphone on and off.
  • Disable Camera: Toggle your camera on and off.
  • Share Screen: Open the screen sharing controls. Click here for details.
  • Record Meeting: Start recording your call. Click here for details.
  • Group Chat: Toggle the Group Chat box. Click here for details.
  • Move to TV: Move the meeting from your computer to your Highfive camera.
  • Leave Meeting: Exit the meeting. If you're connected to your Highfive camera, you can choose to keep the camera in the call.
  • Show Everyone: Some customers have a Show Everyone button on the top-right of the window. Click here for details.

B. Participants List

  • Participants List: Click the Participants icon to open or close the list participants in your meeting. From this panel you can remotely mute other participants, invite new participants, and add guests to your meetings.
  • Meeting Moderation: Highfive offers tools for administrators of town hall and moderated meetings.
  • Remote Mute: Sometimes it's useful to mute the microphone of a participant who has stepped away. For privacy reasons, participants can only unmute their own microphone.
  • Pinning: You can pin the video of any participant or Highfive room with their camera on. Pinning affects only your view of the meeting. To pin, right-click the participant's name and select "Pin video".
    • You can also pin the active speaker by clicking on their image in the PiP when someone is sharing their screen in the meeting, which will put the screenshare into the PIP view.

C. Invite People

  • Invite by email: Enter an email address and click Send Invite. They will receive an email with a meeting link.
  • Invite by URL: Click on the meeting link displayed to copy it to your clipboard so you can paste the link to your intended participant.
  • No Meeting Code Dial-in: Highfive customers on select service plans can click this option to get a phone number for joining the call by phone. You can share this number with anyone intending to join the meeting.

D. Settings & Self-view Window

  • Settings: Clicking on your self-view window allows you to manually choose between different cameras, microphones, and audio outputs (speakers, headphones) connected to your computer. Highfive will start with your system's default devices.

E. Get Help

  • Get Help: Contact our Support team for assistance with questions and issues with your meeting experience.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Full Screen (macOS): Cmd + Ctrl + F 
  • Full Screen (Windows): F11 
  • In-call keyboard shortcuts: ?Call_Controls_-_Keyboard_shortcuts_08-06-2020.png

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