Highfive Call Controls and Features


This article will give you a quick overview of the Highfive service and its features once you’re on a video call. 







A. Menu Bar

  • Mute Me: Toggle your outbound audio feed on and off.
  • Disable Camera: Toggle your outbound camera feed on and off.
  • Share Screen: Toggle the screen sharing feature on and off. Click here for details.
  • Record Call: Start recording your call. Click here for details.
  • Group Chat: Toggle the Group Chat box. Click here for details.
  • Move to TV: Connect with one of your Highfive devices and move the meeting to your TV.
  • Leave Call: End call on your computer or continue call on your TV (if you’re using a Highfive device).


B. Invite Button and Participants List

  • Inviting by email: Enter user’s email address and click Send Invite. They will receive an email with a Join Call button to click on.
  • Inviting by URL: Click on the meeting link displayed to copy it. You can paste the link into a chat message, calendar event description, email, etc. Your recipient can join the meeting by clicking on the link.
  • No Meeting Code Dial-in: Highfive customers on select service plans can click on the dial-in phone number to copy and paste the number in a chat message, email, etc. You can also use your mobile phone and text this number to participants.
  • Remote Mute: Participants in a call can mute the microphones of other participants using the Highfive application by clicking on their avatar icon. For privacy reasons, participants cannot remotely unmute others. (This feature does not apply to phone callers.)



C. Settings Cogwheel

  • Allows you to select and use camera, microphone, or speaker devices you have connected to your computer.



D. Get Help

  • Contact our Support team for assistance (technical troubleshooting, reporting any issues, answering Highfive questions).



Keyboard Shortcuts


Full Screen (macOS): Cmd + Ctrl + F 

Full Screen (Windows): F11 

In-call keyboard shortcuts: ?



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