Highfive Admin Dashboard

The Highfive Admin Dashboard is your mission control for Highfive. This dashboard allows you to manage your account, users, and Highfive devices.

Your ability to access the Highfive Admin Dashboard will depend on the Highfive service plan your company is on and your User Role.

  • All users on the Essential plan (no longer offered) will be able to access the Admin Dashboard.
  • For customers on all other services plans, only logged-in users with the Admin role can access your company’s Dashboard.

Getting to Your Admin Dashboard

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Go to: YourCompanyDomain.highfive.com/domain/dashboard
    • Example: If my company domain is drumwheel.com, my dashboard link will be drumwheel.highfive.com/domain/dashboard

      For companies with a .net, .org, .io, etc. top level domain, the dot "." will be replaced with a hyphen "-".
      • Example: If my company domain is hooli.us, my dashboard link will be hooli-us.highfive.com/domain/dashboard
  3. Your Highfive Admin Dashboard will load and display your registered Highfive users as the home page.


Issues Accessing Your Dashboard?

If Highfive opens instead of your dashboard, follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure you are logged into a Highfive account which has Admin-level permissions. Go here to log in: https://start.highfive.com/auth/login
    • Not sure if you're an Admin or not? You can contact any Highfive Admin in your organization to help check your current user role. In most cases, this is the same individual that purchased or is deploying the Highfive video conferencing system for your organization.
  2. Check for any typos in the dashboard link you've entered in. The spelling has to be exact and must follow this format: YourCompanyDomain.highfive.com/domain/dashboard
  3. If the dashboard still fails to load, contact Highfive Support at help@highfive.com to report the issue.

Dashboard Options


Download a .csv file that you can open with the spreadsheet application of your choice (i.e. Microsoft Excel). This file contains Highfive usage data, such as call names, participant names, start times, end times, etc.



  • Promote individuals from User to Admin (available for all plans except for Essential)
  • Disable user accounts (available for all plans except for Essential)
  • Invite team members to join Highfive.


  • Enable email notifications when a device goes offline.
  • Rename a Highfive device.
  • View basic device information (ex. device's IP address, MAC address, software version, etc.)

Meeting Codes

  • View and revoke your static dial-in phone number meeting codes. Click here for more information about Highfive Meeting Codes.


  • Add participants to your call or start Highfive calls by sending meeting links via applications such as Slack.


  • Configure single sign-on (SSO) with Highfive. 


  • Create, view, or update Highfive Support tickets that have been submitted by users at your company.
  • Use the Search... box to look for keywords in tickets.
  • Filter through different ticket states by selecting All.
  • Create a new ticket by clicking New Ticket.
  • Click on a support ticket to view and edit it.


Upload your own custom background images, company logo, and change the color theme for Highfive.

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